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‘We’re never going back to that community’; Elders speak out against NT Intervention. Published in the South Sydney Herald, November 2009.

One million protest sexism in Berlusconi’s ‘bunga bunga’ Italy. Published in the Solidarity Magazine, March 2011.

‘The struggle against the nuclear industry is an international one’ A statement of solidarity for international nuclear free movement during the Italian referendum campaign’. Published in English and Italian by Pressenza; International Press Agency and in July, 2011.

Eyewitness to Tunisia’s unfinished revolution. A report on May Day in Tunisia following the revolution and an interview with textile factory workers. Published by Solidarity Magazine in May, 2011

Union support escalates for anti-intervention walk off. Published by Green Left Weekly in November 2009.

Rights Not Racism; the campaign to repeal the NT Intervention intensifies. Published by Maritime Unity, the branch newspaper of MUA Sydney in September 2009.


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