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Interview with Bangkok Artist Bon about the collision of art and politics in the streets of Thailand

To view full interview transcript, please click here

To view a photographic essay of a canvas work featuring Bon, please click here

”When I work, or create the work, I would create it from what I see by myself, my heart, from my own idea. It’s like how I look at people, at society, at this world. I would draw from that in my own way. But everything that I do, draw and express, I believe that I’m a part of this society. All my works are fully related to and influenced by society”. 

Interview with Student Federation Thailand about the pro-democracy movement in Thailand and the role of students.

To view full interview transcript, please click here

“One thing that we have to think about that people in the society actually wait for the students. When SFT announced themselves as a Red Shirt supporter, a lot of Red Shirt people are very happy, appreciative. They came to the SFT members and talked to us, some of them cried. Now, I don’t think we have that much power to organise a rally with purely students but what we can do is lead these people who expect a lot from the students. We can stand in front of them and tell them actually what we have to change. That we are with them. What we want to change is this, this, this. And we are walking together. That’s our role”. 

SFT Interviewees Pongkwan Sawasdipakdi and Kaptan Jungteerapanict


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