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Sydney Solidarity Protest with the Egyptian Revolution One Year On – 25 January, 2012

To mark one year since revolutionary uprisings began in Egypt, the Egyptian Association for Change Australia called a protest outside the Egyptian Consulate in Sydney as diplomats celebrated the ‘revolution’ upstairs.

Over eighty protesters gathered, despite heavy rain, to condemn the consular event which paid no attention to the thousands of victims of the revolution and the ongoing violence under SCAF’s military rule.

The Consul General extended an invitation to the Egyptian Association of Change Australia to participate in the celebration which they refused, stating that “the revolution continues”.

The protest was held in solidarity with the ongoing resistance in Egypt and demanded an immediate transition to a Civil Presidential Council and justice for families of victims of the uprisings.

Please click here for more information.

Anti-Nuclear Lobbying at National ALP Conference – Sydney – 2 December, 2011

Muckaty Traditional Owner’s Dianne Stokes and Kylie Sambo were joined by representatives of Beyond Nuclear Initiative, Friends of the Earth, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Greenpeace outside the national ALP Conference 2011, calling on delegates to oppose Gillard’s plan to sell uranium to India, which is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Delegates were also invited to attend a forum and photo exhibition in solidarity with Muckaty Traditional Owners currently fighting the imposition of a national radioactive waste dump.

The ALP national conference voted to sell uranium 205-186 after a very heated debate.

To view complete photo album, please click here

Photographs also published on

Sydney Solidarity with Tahrir Square in the wake of Egypt’s elections, 26 November 2011

On Saturday 26 November, over 100 people gathered outside the Egyptian Consulate in Sydney to condemn the violent repression of protesters in Tahrir Square by Egypt’s ruling military council (SCAF), calling for an immediate transition to a civilian government.

The rally was addressed by the Egyptian Consul-General, Ayman Aly Kamel, who also condemned the violence and reiterated the demands of the Egyptian People’s movement.

Whilst there was disagreement with protesters on questions around the legitimacy of the elections, the transition timeframe to a civilian government and the role of SCAF, Kamel is the first Egyptian diplomat in Australia to publicly protest the actions of SCAF and align himself with the people in Tahrir Square.

Please find a summary of his address to the rally in English here

Please find unedited film documentation of Kamel’s address and the ensuing discussion (in arabic) here

To view complete photo album, please click here


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