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Aboriginal Rights Peace Walk from La Perouse to Redfern on the two year anniversary of the Former Prime Minister Rudd’s National Apology to the Stolen Generations (13 February, 2010)

On February 13 2010, over 100 Aboriginal rights activists and supporters held a peace walk in Sydney calling for an end to the NT Intervention and Indigenous policy development based on the principles of self determination.

Marking two years since the Federal Government Apology to Indigenous Australia, the peace walk joined a rally of over 350 people at Redfern Community Centre.

The rally was addressed by local Aboriginal Elders, Irene Fisher (Aboriginal Health Worker, NT), Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon, Geoff McMullum (prominent journalist) among others.

To view complete photo album, please click here

Illegal Logging in Mumbulla NSW State Forest (March, 2010)

The logging activity of Forestry NSW in Mumbulla State Forest was found to be illegal by a local court in March 2010 and was reported as risking the survival of the last known Koala colony between Canberra and Sydney.

The photographs in the album below were taken the day after the Bateman’s Bay Local Court ruling that logging in the area, gazetted as an Aboriginal Place in 1984, was unlawful.

“It is now clearly evident that all operations in Mumbulla compartment 2135 and 2133 were in breach of the Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals and absolutely no attempt was made by the Regional Manager to ascertain the correct status of the operations,” said Ms Stone from South East Forest Rescue.

Mumbulla Mountain is of great historical and cultural significance to local people as it was traditionally the locale of Aboriginal initiations which utilised a complex of sacred sites.

To view complete photo album, please click here

War or Peace? A Canvas Artwork Painted by Bangkok and UK Artists, Bangkok (December 2010)

This canvas work was commissioned by the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. The artists explore the dualities of war and peace, attempting to depict a progression from the former to the latter. The middle panel of the canvas is painted by UK artist Chu who juxtaposes his spatial plane distortion with the portraiture of Bangkok artists Bon, Alex the Face and Pai.

This photographic essay records the composition of the artwork.

To read an interview with artist Bon, please click here

To view the complete photo album, please click here


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