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Sovereign Voices – Radio High and Dry (November 2009)

In November 2009, I produced a 50-minute radio documentary on the history of Camp Wollimi, a site of cultural and historical significance to the Darkinjung people of Western NSW.

Currently owned by the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Council (MLALC), the site hosted the community arts and music festival, High and Dry, which brought together over 3000 participants.

Titled Sovereign Voices, the radio documentary explores the local history of the area, addressing early confrontations between colonial society and Aboriginal nation groups, and explains the cultural significance of the site. It outlines the relationship between the Darkinjung and Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Councils and the reasons why the Darkinjung site is under the management of the MLALC.

Sovereign Voices features interviews with Kevin Duncan (Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Lands Council), Ricky Lyons (Deputy-Chair, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Council) and Colin Lyons (Site manager, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Council).

To listen to Sovereign Voices, please click here


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